Kim & Tim’s Online Streaming

We had an awesome time streaming Kim and Tim’s Wedding live online!

Same Day Video

Same Day Music Videos are an exciting, upbeat activity for your Reception!

A Pilot Proposes In A Fake Plane Crash

By A pilot has come up with a unique way of proposing to his girlfriend. Ryan Thompson was treating partner Carly Kennedy to a romantic flight on his small plane back in February, when he pretended that he was experiencing problems. Filming the journey, Thompson asked his girlfriend to read him out the ‘ring

Brides Save Up To 60% On

Short engagements are on the rise and is the only place for tools and solutions that make fast wedding planning an affordable breeze. In the last month, brides have saved an average of 60% on wedding vendor and venue bookings by using the site’s novel deal search.

Wedding Story Video Package

You have been planning your wedding for months. You have booked just about everything, from the dress to the DJ, and in the process, you have used just about all of your initial budget. “You should really book a videographer,” says your friend. Eh – you aren’t really all that interested in a wedding videographer.

2012 Wedding Trends

We are already far into the New Year and no doubt by now you have broken your resolutions and vowed never to give up chocolate cake as a breakfast item again. Aside from those New Year changes one of the biggest changes occurs in the wedding industry, the hottest new trends. From what colors are hot and what patterns are so last season to which reoccurring themes you probably be seeing if you are attending or planning a wedding. So what are the newest trends of 2012? Well I have searched the internet, bridal magazines and lost many a days on Pinterest, to highlight the top 12 trends of 2012.

FCP X: Native vs. Optimize vs. Proxy Media

FCP X: Native vs. Optimize vs. Proxy Media Credit To: There’s a lot of confusion about the three different media types in Final Cut Pro X: native, optimized, and proxy. Native media is the format shot by your camera. For example, AVCHD, H.264, DV, and HDV are all examples of native media formats. Optimized

Canon 5D Mark III Review

Review by Review based on production Canon EOS 5D Mark III with firmware v1.1.2 In 1987 Canon unveiled the EOS 650 to the world. It was the Japanese manufacturer’s first 35mm autofocus SLR and the start of the EOS system. With its fully-electronic lens mount, in-lens aperture and focus motors, and reliance on electronic

Illinois Marriage License General Requirements

Illinois marriage license requirements: In the state of Illinois, men and women are required to be at least 18 years of age in order to obtain a marriage license without parental consent. With consent, young men and women may be granted a license at age 16. Valid ID is required when applying for a license,

Canon T4i Review

Review by Preview based on a pre-production Canon EOS 650D with firmware 1.0.0 Canon’s entry-level ‘Rebel’ series has enjoyed continuous success in its film and digital incarnations for more than two decades. Over this time these little SLRs have been increasingly improved and refined to the point that the company has seemingly struggled to

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