Weddings In The Winter

February 4, 2013 Tips & Tricks


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The weather outside might be frightful depending on what part of the country you are in, but you don’t have to stop your plans of having an outside wedding – you just have to adapt.

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Look for a shawl or a bolero that you can wear to keep warm. Then check into matching ones for your bridesmaids. There are many available from warm soft faux fur or lacy shawls that mimic snowflakes. Whatever your look (Snow Queen or Ice Princess) there are many options available. Shoes should probably be closed toe. (If you are considering steampunk there are some great styles in that as well!)


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White gloves, tights, and ear muffs might be something else that you might consider adding to your wedding day attire.

The Groom can wear a black coat with his suit and tails, and even wear some fancy winter shoes.

Remember to have rock salt on hand for any steps and pavement, and valet parking for your guests.