Free Wedding Photobooth Printables

Everyone loves to take pictures to capture the moment. Wedding photo booths are becoming more and more popular. Not only are they fun, but they encourage people to continue capturing the moment. Here is a link to 12 pages of free wedding photo booth props: Your guests will be sure to enjoy these. You

DIY – Wine Bottle Lantern

I’m sure you have heard all of the rave about mason jar lanterns, especially for weddings and home décor. They make beautiful alternatives to candles, and gave the room a rustic look and feel. Wine bottle lanterns are another alternative to candles, with the same rustic feel and look that mason jars give off. They

5 Clever Proposal Ideas

With so many proposal videos going viral, guys are running out of creative ideas considering their soon-to-be fiancé has probably already seen that video and cried over how sweet of an idea it was. Here are 10 clever proposal ideas. Guys, you’re welcome. 1. Put the ring in a sports ball instead of a ring box.

20% Off June Sundays

Getting married on a Sunday in June? We want to film your wedding! Tower Studios is currently offering 20% off ANY Wedding Video package for June 2014 Sundays. That’s right – ANY package. Wedding Story package? Of course. Fairy Tale package? Right on!   Not excited about booking online? No problem! Give us a call

DIY – Sparkly Dessert Cups

DIY dessert cups are so cute and so easy to make for your wedding day. You can get all of your supplies at your local Dollar Store, so it’s also very inexpensive to make. What you’ll need: plastic cups Mod Podge sparkles plastic spoons jewels Paint a thin strip of Mod Podge around the bottom

Wedding Note Mad Lib

Photo cred: Instead of leaving the bride and groom a typical, good luck note, how about spicing it up and making things interesting? You either create your own Mad Lib or buy one from the Etsy shop listed above. These are not only fun and make it interesting, it allows you to be creative.

DIY – Sparkly Feather Garland

Photo cred: There are such a variety of ways to make garland. Typical uses are flower or Christmas light garland. Sparkly feather garland is a great way to keep it simple, yet elegant with a touch of sparkle. Just simply apply glue or spray glue to the bottom half of the feather, then dip

Jenga Piece Guest Book

Photo cred: There is such a variety of ways to display a guest book for your guests to sign other than a typical guest book. As more weddings happen, people are getting more and more creative. How about this adorable Jenga piece idea? Build memories and sign a Jenga piece. You could keep this

Representing A Loved One At Your Wedding

We all know someone that lost someone special to them near their big wedding day. It’s hard to have two completely different emotions going on at once. A lot of brides will carry a picture or a keepsake of that person on their bouquet down the aisle to symbolize that person being right their with

Prepare Your Guests For Your Outdoor Wedding

Although it is your day, you are still the host of your day. It’s a kind gesture to ensure that your guests are accompanied with whatever they might need during your wedding. We often don’t think about our guests needs for outdoor weddings, but if you think you need something, odds are your guest will

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