FCP X: Native vs. Optimize vs. Proxy Media

FCP X: Native vs. Optimize vs. Proxy Media Credit To: http://www.larryjordan.biz/media-in-fcp-x/ There’s a lot of confusion about the three different media types in Final Cut Pro X: native, optimized, and proxy. Native media is the format shot by your camera. For example, AVCHD, H.264, DV, and HDV are all examples of native media formats. Optimized

Final Cut Pro X Color Correction

Looking to provide color correction for your footage? Scope out these helpful videos for color correct and color grading in Final Cut Pro X. Looking for more resources on Final Cut Pro X? Check out our FCPX Plugin Store!

Final Cut AVCHD & DSLR Audio Mis-Match

So, here is the situation. You are shooting with a DSLR and an AVCHD cam. Your DSLR is your primary, but you have the AVCHD running as a backup on a wide shot, just to make sure you don’t miss anything (and also to give yourself something to cut to while you recompose your DSLR

Media Reconnection In Final Cut Pro X

We have all been there: you are working on a project, something changes in your source media, and now Final Cut can’t find the original media. Red screen of death. What to do? In the older version of Final Cut, you would select the “Reconnect Media” tool from the drop down menu, point Final Cut

Final Cut Pro X Export Issue

Having problems with your Final Cut Pro X exports? When your computer exports videos, does it push out a pixelated mess? Or maybe it takes one video clip and duplicates it through the sequence? At Tower Studios, we have been dealing with this issue on a few machines. First, we suspected the software. Maybe it

Final Cut Pro X Helpful Links

Starting out with Final Cut Pro X and looking for help? Take a look at these helpful pages for software tips! Final Cut Pro X Plugins http://www.towervideophoto.com/final-cut-pro-x-plugins/ Apple FCPX Tips http://forums.creativecow.net/fcpxtechnique Final Cut Pro X FAQ http://www.digitalrebellion.com/blog/posts/final_cut_pro_x_frequently_asked_questions.html Syncing Audio http://masteringfilm.com/final-cut-pro-x-tutorial-syncing-audio/ Decreasing FCPX Render Time For Images http://www.premiumbeat.com/blog/resize-images-in-final-cut-pro-to-decrease-render-times/                

Advanced Compressor 4 User?

Advanced at using Compressor 4? Scope out these videos to take your skills to the next level! Creating Droplets Looking for Final Cut Pro X Plugins? Scope out our plugin store!

New To Compressor 4?

Take a look at these tutorials for help getting started: Introduction to Compressor – Your First Compressor Project Compressor – Exporting Video from Final Cut Pro X        

Motion 5 Tips

Looking for tips on Motion 5? LAFCPUG spells out a few quick recipes for editors. http://www.fcp.co/final-cut-pro/tutorials/595-mark-spencer-talks-motion5-for-final-cut-pro-x-editors

Tips For Booking A Wedding Videographer

Looking to book a wedding videographer? Right on! But what do you do now? We’ve put together this list of helpful steps to guide you along the way! 1. Check their availability. This step is mission critical, for obvious reasons. Do this step before you even start watching their videos – you don’t want to spend

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