Free Halloween Printable Props

October is half over, and Halloween is right around the corner!  Make the last minute details for your Halloween party super easy with these FREE printable props for your photo booth!  Just click on the link to the original site to download your free printables! These adorable props from Bird’s Party Blog would be super

Decorating for your Halloween Party

If you like to decorate for all of the different holidays, you are probably a master at DIY projects.  If not, you need to get in on this awesome trend!  There are so many fabulous decorations that you can make with things you may already have around the house!  And if you don’t have the

Spooky Halloween Drinks

Here at Tower Studios, we love Halloween!  (Can you tell yet?!)  So we are super excited about all of the great Halloween party ideas that we’re seeing on Pinterest! We’ve assembled some super cute Halloween-themed drinks below.  Click on the link below the photo to see the recipes for these adorable and spooky drinks!  I’m

Photo Booth Templates

There are a ton of photo booth companies out there.  If you’re not sure how to choose one for your event, here are some things to ask about: The booth size – Depending on your party size and event space, you may want a small booth or a big one.  There are a lot of

Uses for a Halloween Photo Booth

Sure, photo booths are an absolute blast to play in at parties, but they can have other functions too!  A super fun way to get all of your guests involved in the photo booth is to use it for a game!  Here are some ideas to amp up the use of your photo booth! If

Halloween Photo Booth Props

Can you believe we’re over halfway through September?!  And with that, Halloween is right around the corner!  Costumes and candy are everywhere, so if you aren’t planning for Halloween yet, you’re probably feeling the pressure! If you’re planning a Halloween party, big or small, you might be in the shopping for supplies stage.  And we’ve

Cute Treats for your Fall Party

A lot of things go into making a great Fall or Halloween party!  Costumes, candy, and a photo booth to document all the fun aren’t the only things you need to have a “killer” party! One of the most important parts of just about any party you throw is… can you guess it?! THE FOOD!!!

Decorating a Fall Photo Booth

If you’re having a fall get together, you may want some ideas for decorating your house.  Autumn is a wonderful season to decorate for, and you can find so many ideas that you can do yourself for pretty cheap.  A lot of the ideas you come up with for your home can also be used

Should You Do a First Look?

Tradition states that it’s “bad luck” for the groom to see the bride on the day of the wedding until the moment he sees her walking down the aisle to be his wife. But today, thousands of couples are braving the bad luck to have a “First Look” before the wedding. Are you on the

Bridesmaids: Unique or Matchy-Matchy

If you’re planning your wedding, you’re probably no stranger to the pressures of what everyone else wants you to do for your big day.  And while you do have to take some things and people into account when planning your day, it is still your day. And when you’re planning the most wonderful day of

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