Meet the Team

Andrew Kleewein
The Vice-President of Business Development and founder of Tower Studios, Andrew is the go-to guy for booking events through Tower Studios. Andrew serves as Tower Studios’ principle camera operator.

Jeanette Kleewein
The Vice-President of Operations, Jeanette helps keep everything running smoothly around the Tower Studios office! Jeanette serves as Tower Studios’ principle photographer and principle photo editor.

Annie Biondo
Post-Production Manager, Annie received her Bachelors in Computer Animation from Full Sail University in 2010. She is very diverse in the Digital Media field, her skills range from 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics and of course, Filming and Video Editing. Annie takes a lot of pride in her work, she truly loves what she does and she always strives to learn more. Annie is also an avid pet lover, she has a 5 year old cat named Lucy.