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Christmas Expedite

Whoa.  Only 5 more weeks until Christmas!? If you’re anything like me, christmas shopping is not even…

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Camera Operator - Wedding Videography

Why Do You Need A Wedding Videographer?

At times, the need for a wedding video is questioned. The excuse for not hiring…

Winter Wedding Pricing

That’s right – it’s back. 10% Discounts on December through March packages.

Wedding Photo Ideas

There are plenty of moments on a wedding day that a wedding photographer and videographer can shoot at the wedding and the reception, here’s a handy list of some moments that the photographer and videographer should catch to make your wedding coverage special.

Live Streaming Wedding Video

Live video streaming is one of the latest trends in wedding videography. Mashable (a popular technology related online portal) reported that a popular live streaming portal reported 250% growth in live streaming of wedding videos in 2012. Keeping this in mind, we at Tower Studios offer an exclusive live video streaming for weddings package.

Top Wedding Video Trends

Since wedding videos are meant to preserve the memories of a big day for a lifetime, it is essential that the wedding videos should be unique, created using the latest technology and should match the trends in wedding videography. These days, most couples seek wedding videos which are personalized to suit the bride and the groom. As a result, new trends are emerging for wedding videos. As responsible Wedding Videographers, it is important that we educate the clients of the latest trends in different areas.

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Wedding Videography in St. Louis, Nashville, and Kansas City

May Sundays 20% Off!

Oh yeah – it’s for real.

Anthropolgie Wedding Style: Decor 2013

It’s rustic and beautiful, one of the most inspiring wedding designs out there to date-Anthropologie is gaining more ground with brides these days. We have accounted for all the essentials to get your wedding day inspired and kicking off the right way for your style. What it does is inspire you, it’s rustic and yet classical all in one shot.

Inspirations for a Nigerian Wedding Ceremony

Love and drums, festive colors and tradition-all of these are part of a traditional Nigerian wedding ceremony.

Vintage Wedding Time

Vintage, a time honored tradition of worn lace, old cloth cuts and the rustic beauty that surronds the clothing, are all part of the latest trend in fashion and weddings. Vintage wedding dresses are being shaken from the moth balls and resurrected in all of their glory. Most brides that elect a vintage dress pair it with a vintage wedding. These weddings oftentimes mirror the era the dress was made.