Facts About A Wedding Photographer

There are a lot of wedding photography service providers. Quite a few of them are incredibly talented and produce great results. Technology has made it possible to come up with very good results because as long as you have the tools it is possible to achieve any result that a client might desire. Do not

Photographers And Videographers Working Together

There is a lot of misconception about photographers and videographers not working well together. However, that isn’t true for all. It is best that the photographer and videographer discuss a shooting plan before the event starts. They need to decide who will be where at what moment and stick to their pre-discussed plan. Photographers can

The Importance Of Filming The Getting Ready Portion Of Your Big Day

A lot of people don’t think to have their wedding videographer film while they’re getting ready. Sometimes though, what seems hectic in real time may not look so hectic on camera. If you choose to have your videographer film your getting ready portion of the day, you will be able to look back and see

The Trend Of Wedding Videography

Wedding videography is becoming the new wedding trend very rapidly. More and more brides-to-be are wanting either solely videography or both photography and videography. The element of videography gives a “candid picture brought to life” sort of feel. Not only is this something the bride and groom can treasure, but family and friends can get

The Importance Of Having A Wedding Videographer

Majority of brides and grooms will hire a photographer for their wedding. A lot of people don’t think about also hiring a wedding videographer. Wedding videographers are very important because they capture what a photograph can not. The saying is “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, a video can say those one thousand

Tip: Choosing A Wedding Videographer

Without a doubt the way to make sure your hiring the best wedding videographer for your wedding is by looking at examples of their work. Listen to what they have to offer but the proof is in the videos. Some of the easiest ways to watch some of the work of various wedding videographers is

Denver Colorado Guest Wedding Videos

Alright, so you wedding is coming up, and you have the photographer, the flowers, the location, the dress, the food – but you are wondering about a videographer. After all, they are kind of expensive, and even though you have a little bit of wiggle room left in the budget, not enough for a full

Tips For Booking A Wedding Videographer

Looking to book a wedding videographer? Right on! But what do you do now? We’ve put together this list of helpful steps to guide you along the way! 1. Check their availability. This step is mission critical, for obvious reasons. Do this step before you even start watching their videos – you don’t want to spend

Tower Studios Expands Wedding Videography To Denver

Tower Studios is excited to announce that it is expanding Wedding Videography to the Denver area, and is looking forward to working with Colorado brides. “I visited the mountains as a child,” remarks Andrew, President of Tower Studios, “and I am excited at the prospect of returning to Colorado once more.” Tower Studios has assembled

Kansas City Wedding Videography

We are excited to have booked several wedding videography packages in the Kansas City area for 2012! As we enter into the fall, make sure to take advantage of our discounts and promotions, including “Off-Season” videography pricing, as well as Military discounts for your wedding video! Thank you so much, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

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